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About Antique - Collectible Doll Replacement Parts and Doll Clothing:

Here at Antique Doll Restoration we attempt to repair the doll to its original condition and personality before we use replacement doll parts. In doing so, we help bring back a quality doll preserving its value and memory to the customer.

Antique and Collectible doll parts are often hard to acquire. Quality reproduction doll parts can be obtained and will be lower in repair cost compared to the actual antique doll parts.  

Many things may need repaired on a doll such as doll eyes, wig, body, arms, and legs. If we cannot repair the doll -- we do our best to obtain original antique doll parts.  Doll wigs usually are repaired by hand, often though; many are too deteriorated to be repaired and must be replaced. We use our own hand made wigs for the replacement if we cannot find quality doll wigs.

Reproduced doll clothing is less expensive than antique doll clothing. We provide hand sewn authentic looking -- reproduced doll clothing. Our doll clothing is reproduced from authentic doll original clothing or photos. Reproduction doll clothing can be a compromise to the more costly antique doll clothing. We offer dresses, undergarments, socks, shoes, hats, and more. Antique doll clothing prices do vary according to age and condition.

Please visit our online store where you will find a large selection of high quality hand made clothing to dress up your favorite antique doll.


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